My site has moved, sort of. I experimented with WordPress a couple years ago, decided I liked it but have yet to figure out how to move the WordPress site to this top level of my domain. WordPress is cool, but this seemingly simple operation seems far more complicated than it should be.

So, for now, just follow the link to

The old site, no longer maintained...

So why is it called Bob Applegate’s Boring Page?  First, my name is Bob Applegate. Second, when I owned an ISP back in 1994 and first got a web server up, I created a really boring page to show my customers how to do their own.  Since then it's barely improved.

2010-04-14 20.33

Here I am at Bandelier National Monument near Los Alamos, New Mexico, taken during our vacation in March 2008. We tend to go to NM every other year to stay with friends and explore. New Mexico is very different from our home in New Jersey!

Here is a picture of my wife Sui (Sue) up in one of the cave doors that the Indians used as shelter...

And here are the two silly kids, Megan and Jason. Who put the camera in low-res mode?

Some of the neat things I've done so far (but I'm not done yet)...
  • Became a ham radio operator at age 11.
  • I got my first personal computer in 1978, long before most people even new what they were.  My first was a KIM-1.
  • My first letter was published in the 1979 issue of "MICRO - The 6502 Journal" and was about porting the Tiny Pilot language to a KIM-1 microcomputer.
  • My first paid article was in Micro, August 1980, entitled "Additions to Tiny Pilot". Not bad for a 17 year old high school kid!
  • Dropped out of high school after 11th grade, but immediately began college a year early.
  • Met famous card counter Ken Uston when I was 19 and was hired to write a program to teach his card counting techniques. Ken contacted me a few years later about working with him on a book about Pac-Man but turned it down. The book sold many copies... d'oh!
  • As a result of knowing Mr Uston, I was considered a card counter and was asked not to play blackjack in several casinos.
  • Worked at the Computer Workshop in Cherry Hill, NJ while not in classes.
  • Franklin Computer offered me a job as a Software Engineer at age 19. I can get paid for doing fun stuff?
  • I had a visit from the FBI once because they raided a phone phreak's apartment and found a list of bulletin board numbers. The jerk listed mine as "The Pirate Shop" but the real name was "The Penguin Shop". When I asked the FBI agent if I needed a lawyer, he said "sometimes we just want to be your friend." I was never contacted again by my "friends."
  • By the time I was 21, I had been published a number of times in various trade magazines.
  • I turned down a job offer at Microsoft following an 8 hour interview. It was my only interview that involved a discussion with a psychiatrist. They offered a job that wasn't in the department I wanted, but it probably was a good offer.
  • Dated and eventually married co-worker. We now have two great kids!
  • Met Steve Circia when he was one of the coolest guys in computing (early 80s). I bumped into him at the Boston Embedded Systems Conference in 2004 and he remembered the meeting and said something like “you were the kid sitting at the end of the table, right?”
  • Went up the channel 52 tower in "Baker's Basin" next to Route 1. It is 1052 feet, or so I'm told.
  • Attended several memorial services for Emilio Carranza at the Carranza memorial on Carranza Road in Tabernacle, NJ.
  • Once wrote a sentence with "Carranza" appearing three times. Again, not many people can claim this.
  • Have held a number of cool titles, including General Manager of an ISP, VP of Software Engineering, and Software Engineer, Sr. Principal Leader (current job - Mission Solutions Engineering, LLC).
  • Built and ran a successful consulting company in the 1990s.
  • Built and ran an ISP in the mid 90s before most people were on the internet.
  • Have been on the internet since 1986, and have had the same email address since 1994.
  • Have explored parts of New Mexico, including Chacos Canyon, the pretroglyphs outside Albuquerque, the Acoma pueblo, Bandelier, etc. My wife and I collect Acoma pottery.
  • Serving on the Conference Advisory Board for the ATCA Summit and MicroTCA Summit trade shows. Gave talks, acted as moderator and participated in panel discussions, the last time being in Nov. 2011.
  • Met and become friends with Dr. Lance Leventhal. Yup, the same guy who wrote all those computer books in the 70s and 80s.
  • Have been to Germany several times for business. I’ve been sent to unhappy customer sites and also to act as a the engineering salesperson to explain new products to top customers.
  • Drove a rented Mercedes SUV on the Autobahn but my BMW handles better. The left lane is not meant for SUVs.
  • Was invited to speak at the ATCA workshop preceding the IEEE 17th Real Time Conference in Portugal, but wasn’t able to make it.
  • Definitely an iPhone 4S user.
  • Have taken the 325i out to over… well, let’s just say it was a tad fast.
  • Currently a member of the PICMG ATCA for Physics software working group.
  • I was one of many participants in a very funny discussion at Ironic Sans titled “They Don’t Make Computer Manuals Like They Used To.”
  • Was interviewed on RetroMacCast! Look for episode 154, “The Applegate Tapes.” This was a lot of fun, and very unexpected.
  • Currently working (again) for my degree, this time at Strayer University. The third time is the charm, right?
  • Became Assistant Scout Master of Boy Scout Troop 26.
  • The June 2012 issue of Garden Railways has my article “Build and Program a Track Odometer” on page 36. See the YouTube preview.
  • Started Corsham Technologies (03/2012).
  • Will be going to Barcelona this summer for a vacation.
  • On the waiting list for an Elecraft KX3.

Current Projects (as time permits)...
  • Lots of time on schoolwork. This statistics class consumes a lot of time each week. It’ll be done mid-June.
  • Finally getting back to hobbies. Spending time almost every night on 20 or 15 meters chasing whatever DX I can find.
  • Super-detailing a USA Trains NW2, including adding an AirWire wireless control system. I’m tired of cleaning track on the garden railroad.
  • Currently reading The Yard by Michael Sanders. There is a section about the Aegis defense system near the beginning… my wife and I both work on that project.